Get involved?

• Helping orphans in Vietnam

Mandee, our team member has been helping 5 orphans, ages from 5 to 10 in Vietnam for years. She sent money back on an average of 100 dollars a month. The amount of money has been used to cover their school expenses, and partly helps with basic needs. She used her piggybank to do this and you are called to help her continue this beautiful work. Please, come to Mandee for more details.

• Scholarship for kids to go to colleges in Vietnam

We are supporting whole-heartedly our projects of helping kids whose parents could not afford their college education.
Our team mostly grew up right after the war. Many of us could not afford to go to colleges and we are always willing to help out talented kids who might experience the same circumstances.
This project has been approved and supported by local bishops in Vinh diocese, Vietnam. Please, contact Anthony for more details of the project.

• Giving back to community around the county

Our team is taking part in several local fundraising events, helping local churches with their outreach programs. Please, check out for updates.